Industry experts convene for a conference tailored to serve the top dealmakers in the industry today and for the future.

We welcome you to join us in experiencing the Cannabis Dealmakers Summit Series, where the top dealmakers and business leaders in Cannabis convene to collaborate with experts, innovators, and the investors who are leading the financing of the emerging Cannabis Industries.

The best and the brightest from across all industry verticals come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities evolving in the medical and adult-use markets with panel round-table discussions in the areas of branding, cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, compliance, regulation, banking, finance and investing.

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One of the primary goals of our event productions is the convening of great minds to cultivate a cohesive conversation around critical topics.  We take great pride in curating a space that fosters connections among industry leadership and build meaningful relationships for future business success.

As the Cannabis Industries continue to emerge in an environment of constantly evolving regulatory policy, we work to bring together the thought leadership and industry stakeholders, cultivating conversations and building partnerships to help drive new opportunity and growth for Cannabis.

These efforts are the culmination of countless commitments from our partners, our dedicated contributors, industry professionals, and the thought leaders driving growth and change in these industries.

We recognize and thank all of the individuals who continue to join us to create these immersive cannabis discussions.

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With locations in Miami and West Palm Beach, we are a team of industry experts and affiliated investors, entrepreneurs have aligned to accelerate and navigate the creation of world class businesses in an emerging market. We offer co-working space, access to funding, educational programming, mentoring and exclusive research and events.

Our mission is to influence the creation of value of “A Billion”. We define Billion in terms of dollars, invested capital, revenues generated, economic and community impact and liquidity events for our companies. But we also track the lives impacted as our target.


The Cannabis Dealmakers Advisory Board is a list of individuals with expertise ranging in the areas of regulatory compliance, venture capital, acquisitions, and entrepreneurship.

Ross O’Brien

Founder & CEO

Bonaventure Equity

Douglas Gordon


Zimmer & Co.

Tyler Beuerlein

Executive VP

Business Development


Robert Hunt


Linnaea Holdings

Michael Schwamm


Duane Morris


Our dedicated team brings passion and commitment to the quality of our events and our efforts on behalf of all of the businesses and organizations that partner with Cannabis Dealmakers.

Tara Waglow Headshot

Tara Waglow

Director of Operations

Todd Rosales Headshot

Todd Rosales

Dir. of Business Development

Ryan Michaels Headshot

Ryan Michaels

Director of Content

Anthony Ferrante Headshot

Anthony Ferrante

Business Development

Contributing Thought Leaders

Join the key thought leaders in the Cannabis Industries who are investing, leading Mergers & Acquisitions, and working to draft progressive solutions to resolve industry roadblocks in banking and regulatory policy.  These top attorneys, executives, investors and decision makers convene at our events to discuss breaking industry issues, risks, and the emerging opportunities for growth through capital investments in cannabis. These discussions are built around industry verticals and trending interests from our investor network and are presented as a cohesive conversation led by a moderator, concluded with a brief audience question and answer session.

Special Guests