“We have a mission as part of our platform, to create a billion dollars in value and to positively impact a billion lives and we’re going to do that through a series of programs that we host with Cannabis Dealmakers but we’re also pleased to announce that we’ve launched our own Cannabis Venture Fund at Bonaventure Equity, raising fifty million dollars to invest in late stage venture cannabis companies.”

Ross O’Brien

Founder & CEO, Bonaventure Equity


Cannabis Dealmakers convened for the second annual Investor Forum in New York City on Tuesday, May 28, at New York University with more than 150 attendees, panel discussions from active investors and presentations from innovative and emerging Cannabis companies. This year there has been much anticipation for legislative progress in New York and New Jersey to move to a regulated adult-use cannabis market. As we’ve followed the developments from advocates and stakeholders on the ground, the political climate, and the swell in public support, we’re pleased to see the progress that is building for the next steps for both of these cannabis markets.


Matt Kumin, Attorney and Cannabis Advocate has been working to impact cannabis regulations in meaningful ways for more than a decade, his experience in empowering local factions to affect change in legislation offered valuable insight into the natural cycles that investors are trying to understand in navigating the risks and rewards of potential regulatory change. In moderating the discussion on the State of Cannabis regulations for New Jersey and New York, Matt brought together local legal thought leadership in Paul Josephson of Duane Morris, Brent Johnson of Hoban Law, Joe Bondy of the Law Offices of Joe Bondy and included Nelson Guerrero, Executive Director of the Cannabis Cultural Association who has been working diligently alongside the legislature to drive reasonable regulations.

I can tell you everywhere across the country I’ve worked over the last twenty plus years on advocacy, the people who are first in do well, they get known, they become friendly with the government, they know local officials, it makes a difference in terms of how the government accepts this new industry that has a lot of controversy.”

Matt Kumin

Attorney, Matt Kumin Law

“The bottom line is a referendum really only slows us down in New Jersey because the referendum will not have all of the regulatory details it needs to have.”

Paul Josephson,
Partner, Duane Morris

In New Jersey, officials are having the discussion now, the adult-use bill was rolling along but failed to pass by a shortage of two votes and since delays developed in adult-use the legislature has shifted attention to the ongoing developments for the medical marketplace with a focus on expungement and on decriminalization efforts.

While New Jersey has shown promise, there has been push back to try and delay the legislation for the potential of a possible voter referendum that is assembling at this time which brings concerns given the difficulty other states have had in enacting a voter referendum that lacks the sophistication or organization required to effectively execute on the deliverables promised.

Attorney Matt Kumin Headshot

Matt Kumin

Joe Bondy Headshot

Joe Bondy

Brent Johnson Headshot

Brent Johnson

Paul Josephson Headshot

Paul Josephson

Nelson Guerrero

Nelson Guerrero

“…the Marijuana Regulation Taxation Act was filed and will be
hopefully the subject of a successful vote in the coming two
weeks and if successful we will have legalized recreational
cannabis in New York.”

Joe Bondy, Principal, The Law Offices
of Joseph A. Bondy

Hemp and CBD continues to drive questions and interests from our audience of high net-worth investors and Family Offices and with ongoing developments in many States it is no wonder that interest continues to grow from the agricultural sector in participating in the emerging cannabis industry through the cultivation of hemp.

“The Federal issue, this is illegal Federally, this is a conspiracy up here to violate Federal Law, right here in this room, that is still true technically. “

Matt Kumin,

Attorney, Matt Kumin Law

There was some concern presented from investors who are beginning to explore the space with regards to the questions of Federal regulation and legality as there are many optimistic, forward-reaching cannabis companies emerging to secure attention in the burgeoning CBD & Hemp markets and there is still confusion on how a near or distant change in Federal law will impact investor risks, or rather, reduce the potential in its impact on the ability for institutional capital to consider stepping in to fuel the demand for growth capital in cannabis. There is little doubt as to the current position of the Federal law with regards to cannabis and the funds derived as profits from these businesses.

While there is ongoing debate and pressure on the DEA and Federal Legislators to address the growing divide between State medical and adult-use cannabis laws and existing Federal Law and Cannabis’ placement on the Federal drug schedule, there is little to fear for investors who are backing emerging companies, beyond the risks they may take in alternative investments. There are complex challenges that could emerge from regulatory changes but in the current climate it is extremely unlikely that an investor is at risk of prosecution for investing in a cannabis business.

Certainly for New Jersey one of our big issues for years has been the suburbanization of New Jersey and the loss of farmlands, so open space preservation and farmland preservation in New Jersey is a big initiative in New Jersey. We’ve seen a tremendous uptick as far as our agricultural sector in New Jersey having a real interest in jumping into this space.” 

~ Paul Josephson, Partner, Duane Morris 

“On the Hemp side, even though it’s Federally legal now, the FDA still has to come up with regulations they’ve been tasked with putting the regulations in place and we hope to see a draft of these regulations by the end of summer, but that’s also going to hold up the state’s because each state has to adopt their own program and regulations.” 

Brett Johnson, CEO, Hoban Law Group 

Recently the progress and developments in New York and New Jersey have experienced opposition and consequently delays in what many anticipated to be a year of early victories for these states.  Although the process has not come without a fight, it is due in large part to the efforts of stakeholders and advocacy organizations on the ground that the regulations that are now progressing in both New York and New Jersey, carry specific protections and provisions for social equity and inclusion that create a proliferation of entry points in the industry at a lower cost. 

- Investment Presentations -

Lucid Green Inc., is the leading Cannabis trust and transparency platform that delivers vital product usage, safety and feedback information to consumers. This innovative platform aligns all stakeholders from Brands to Dispensaries and Budtenders, delivering granular product information that enables Consumers and Patients to have the safest, most consistent and enjoyable cannabis experience with the product in their hand. By simply scanning the Lucid Green product code on a package with a smartphone camera, Lucid Green provides Consumers access to rich item specific data, instantaneously – including dosage guidance, potential effects, full batch-specific results, and more, while also earning Brand loyalty rewards. 

Novium is a pre-clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that is focused on life changing medicinal cannabis formulations coupled with innovative drug delivery systems. We specialize in developing novel, proprietary compounded therapies derived through extensive pharmacology of cannabinoids. Our therapies are focused on specific and targeted terpenoid formulations that have a wide range of effects on varying illnesses and symptoms. These formulations and compounds have been created through four decades of research from countries all over the world. 

In a dynamic and rapidly changing industry, Green Sky Labs has seized on the opportunity to apply superior quality ad efficacy in the development of cannabinoid medicines, products, and plant cultivation. We are a team of experienced business professionals, entrepreneurs, doctors, professors, researchers and administrators with a common goal: to drive innovation, better products, and better outcomes in the cannabinoid industry from plant to patient and all stages in between. 

Leafworks Inc. is a female-led plant genetics company in Northern California that creates botanical DNA verification tools for the cannabis and herbal industries; DNA tools that are built with the community to serve the community. Comprised of a diverse leadership team of specialized plant geneticists trained in next-generation genomics methods, chemistry, and bioinformatic. Leafworks is the first herbal genetics company to offer a comprehensive DNA validation system in the cannabis and hemp markets, and it is the first genetic testing company to apply modern science to a socially conscious approach for utmost transparency and quality assurance in the herbal supply chain. 

Industrial Hemp Farms LLC is a Colorado-based hemp farming company. We successfully operate our own hemp farms in Colorado. IHF LLC wholesales CBD Hemp biomass as well as clones and seeds with quality genetics.  Our team is hungry and motivated to aggressively expand our operations and growth in the hemp sector. We strongly believe in making deals, connections and contacts in the hemp industry. 

A primary feature of our Cannabis Dealmakers Investment Forums is our rotating roundtable discussion from active investors in the cannabis space.  Over the past year we have worked to build these roundtable discussions into a cohesive conversation to provide critical insight and strategies for investors and Family Offices that are considering making their first investments in cannabis or researching to navigate the next addition to their portfolio.  

Partner, Duane Morris

Michael Schwamm

Brian Sheng Headshot

Brian Sheng

Revolutionary Farms

Ryan Ansin

Managing Director, Phyto Partners

Brett Finkelstein

Principal, Shingle Hill

Rob Hunt

“People are getting a lot smarter with what technologies to deploy in what states relative to the actual climate and I think that is going to be really meaningful in the whole value chain and you can still make a lot of money doing that well. You can’t make a lot of money if you’re very late to the dance and you’re already selling into a commoditized market so your margins are compressed while you’re trying to pay back.” 

Ryan Ansin, Co-Founder, Revolutionary Farms 

We have expanded the programming to bring added value and insights into the issues that continue to drive the greatest concerns for investors and for those members of our east coast network who were unable to attend the San Diego Cannabis Dealmakers Summit, we reconvened our Investor Panel, moderated by Michael Schwamm, Partner at Duane Morris.  Our first Investor Panel discussion featured Ryan Ansin, Co-Founder of Revolutionary Farms, Brett Finkelstein, Managing Director of Phyto Partners, Robert Hunt, Principal at Linnaea Holdings and Brian Sheng, General Partner of The Arcview Group. These investors collectively represent three developing cannabis markets in Massachusettes, Florida and California respectively with Brian Sheng sharing incredible insights into developments, risks and opportunities in the Asian Cannabis markets.  

The diverse experiences and perspectives of investors across different geographies, and their individual experience lends its educational value to investors who may not realize the diverse opportunities to invest in cannabis companies for equity, carry debt, or invest in the ancillary needs like real estate in emerging markets to realize indirect profits from licensed cannabis companies. As our contributing investors share, there are likely investment vehicles that fit the comfort and experiences of many of the investors in our network that would lend to the potential to invest capital in the cannabis industry where many think these entry points are limited to the cultivation, manufacturing or distribution of the plant. 

Founder & CEO, Bonaventure Equity

Ross O’Brien

Jon Trauben Headshot

Jon Trauben

Andi Goldman Headshot

Andi Goldman

Mitch Barucchowitz Headshot

Mitch Baruchowitz