Convening in beautiful San Diego, in the heart of Southern California’s Cannabis Industries, the top dealmakers, business leaders, innovators, policy makers, regulators, entrepreneurs, and investors came together for the San Diego Cannabis Dealmakers Summit to discuss the current State of the Industry and next steps in maintaining the current paths to growth.

The best and the brightest from across all industry verticals met to discuss the challenges and opportunities evolving in the legal medical and adult-use markets with special guests, keynote presentations, panel discussions in Banking & Finance, Compliance & Regulation, CBD & Hemp Markets, Cannabis Enterprises, Investing in Cannabis Businesses, concluding with the first annual Cannabis Dealmakers Emerging Leader Awards Ceremony.


Advancing Federal legislation and policy for the Cannabis industry

Saphira Galoob is Principal and CEO of The Liason Group (TLG) and serves as the Senior Public Policy Advisor and Executive Director of the National Rountable. Following more than two decades as a lawyer, lobbyist, entrepreneur and small business owner, Saphira founded The Liason Group in 2016 to establish a focused and dedicated voice for cannabis industry interests in Washington, and to serve as a bridge to federal efforts for the many stakeholders operating at local and state levels. 

The Liason Group was the first – and remains the only – Washington, D.C.-based lobbying firm focused exclusively on the cannabis industry. Clients include the National Cannabis Roundtable, Acreage Holdings, the country’s largest, multi-state cannabis operator, and the California Cannabis Industry Association, the most influential state-based cannabis trade association, which currently counts more than 500 businesses and 670 brands among its membership. Saphira negotiated the successful acquisition of TLG by Greenspoon Marder LLP in 2018. TLG is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the firm. 

The Liason Group (TLG) is a DC-based federal lobbying firm dedicated to shaping the federal legislative and policy landscape for the Cannabis Industry. 

Novium is a pre-clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that is focused on life changing medicinal cannabis formulations coupled with innovative drug delivery systems. We specialize in developing novel, proprietary compounded therapies derived through extensive pharmacology of cannabinoids. Our therapies are focused on specific and targeted terpenoid formulations that have a wide range of effects on varying illnesses and symptoms. These formulations and compounds have been created through four decades of research from countries all over the world. 

Marijuana Money

Banking & Finance Regulations in Cannabis

Legally operated Cannabis business across the United States are still denied access to the traditional solutions from banking and finance including payment processing and money management. 

Cannabis Dealmakers Summit is tracking current paths to regulatory improvements to the current banking crisis impacting Cannabis businesses and convened a panel of industry experts to review the state of Marijuana Money and potential regulatory paths to resolution. 


Beau Epperly

Epperly Elam


Todd Sherer

Kind Growth Capital

Executive VP Business Development,

Tyler Beuerlein



Dave Rodman

Schedule One Ventures

The Museum of Cannabis is an immersive experience that unites cannabis lovers as well as the curious. Guests are transported into a realm of imagination through 12 installations designed to inspire playfulness, interactivity and human connection. Centrally located in Times Square, The 420 Experience is a one-of-a-kind destination for a massively expanding and enthusiastic audience. 


Cannabis Compliance

Legal Operation, Regulatory Policies & Compliance

The legal landscape for Cannabis businesses is constantly changing as Federal, State and Local regulations are presented to foster progress for cultivating legitimacy for states which have enacted their own laws.

Our Cannabis Compliance Roundtable is led and comprised of industry experts who have worked on the ground in developing and leading policy change in legal cannabis states. 

Attorney Matt Kumin Headshot

Matt Kumin

Matt Kumin Law

Partner, Duane Morris

Jennifer Briggs-Fisher

Duane Morris


Jessica McElfresh

McElfresh Law


Kimberly Simms

Law Offices of Kimberly Simms


Schuyler Baab

Pathfinders Government Relations

The team at Scynce (sci-ence) has developed a new breed of indoor and greenhouse lighting that is challenging the status quo.  Our focus is on better yields instead of only on power savings. With over two decades of automobile, marine, military, architectural and theatrical LED experience, we are excited to share with you the next generation of horticulture lighting solutions. 

Cannabis Opportunities

The FARMS Bill, The FDA, Emerging National & International Hemp Businesses

The United States enacted significant policy change in 2018 establishing regulations to cultivate and process hemp. We have witnessed a surge of new and emerging companies with a focus on distribution, manufacturing, production, processing, and a world of consumer products prepared with Cannabis Hemp.  

The Panel convened industry experts from the U.S. and Internationally for insight on these emerging markets. 


Jonathan Small

Green Entrepreneur


Tyler Averdick



Dave Rodman

Rodman Law Group


Douglas Gordon

Zimmer & Co.


Kaliko Castille

National Cannabis Industry Association

Science, Technology and Innovation.

Green Sky Labs brings its superior science and technologies to improve the current standards of cannabis extraction and isolation processing, therapeutic cannabinoid manufacturing, and digital healthcare solutions. 


Building A Cannabis Enterprise

Creating the Foundation for longterm success: Due Diligence, Mergers, Acquisitions and Approaches

Cannabis Companies and brands are emerging and merging to find new success in leveraging state-by-state licensing and the vertical integration of cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and consumer products. 2019 has already witnessed some of the largest acquisitions across brands as emerging market leaders expand their existing opportunities to employ their methods of successful operation into new emerging legal states. 


Michael Huttner

Young American Capital


Kirk Barry

Verdantis Advisors


Sara Presler

Mohave Cannabis Co.

CEO & Founder,
Arcadian Fund

Matt Nordgren

Arcadian Fund

Rehan Huda Headshot

Rehan Huda

Green Sky Labs

Dedicated to becoming the highest quality processor of premium-grade CBD and other cannabinoid extracts in the state of Colorado.

Insight & Experience in Investments

Leading Industry Investors Share Investment Strategies

Investing in Cannabis is a regular headline across the U.S. and North America with International opportunities rapidly emerging. Valuations, market predictions, and an ever-evolving compliance and regulatory landscape create a precarious ecosystem when considering investing in the Cannabis Industries.

We convened active investors in the space to share their insights on responsibly navigating and evaluating investment opportunities. 


Michael Schwamm

Duane Morris


Robert Hunt

Linnaea Holdings


Codie Sanchez

Cresco Capital Partners


Ryan Ansin

Revolutionary Farms


Brett Finkelstein

Phyto Partners

“My experience at the Cannabis Dealmakers Summit resulted in real, tangible relationships. It wasn’t an event to attend, it was an opportunity to connect.

Sara Presler,
Attorney, Mohave Cannabis Co.

This Cannabis Summit was one of the smartest and best-run mainstream cannabis events I have been to in many years of cannabis legal work and advocacy”

Matt Kumin

Attorney, Matt Kumin Law